A space fit for the modern-day
podcasting community.

We’re a Kenyan-based startup that was developed by the African Center for Women Information and Communication Technology, and Gray Space KE to provide a premium Audio/Visual experience for the growing podcast community in Kenya. This was conceptualized out of the need to provide a platform where ACWICT and its partners can share their respective journeys through the COVID-19 pandemic and speak to the impact that their interventions have had on the women and youth participating in the programs.

Our goal

Our goal is to provide a premium Audio/Visual experience for the growing Podcasting community.

The studio also has a core business objective of providing a Podcast solutions consultancy that will look to walk together with aspiring and experienced content developers looking to start and establish themselves in the growing space that is podcasting. Our vision is to be globally recognized as a credible resource for the Podcasting community.

What we're solving

Why is the Podcasting
space relevant now?

Every piece of content we consume today generally falls into one of three common mediums; audio, literary or visual. While each of us may gravitate towards one specific medium depending on how we tend to best learn, podcasting offers the highest overall chance of success for brands and marketers.

This is because it allows content developers more space and time to engage and understand their audience and therefore build their communities which if utilized well can accelerate growth within a relatively short period. This simple fact has led many influential individuals within the Entertainment, Sports, Sciences, health, News, and Political space to consider venturing into this space to build more interactive communities, and with internet penetration skyrocketing globally and even here in Kenya, it showcases a friendly platform that can be used to build your digital brand.


Podcast studio features

Our studios have been expertly built by a qualified team of sound engineers and videography experts
to be able to capture the true essence of a modern-day podcast lounge.

A spacious modern lounge that can comfortably fit 4 people at any given time and still have enough space for different layouts and designs that aesthetically look good for you and your Podcast  

Up-to-date audio recording technological application with wireless lapel microphones, premium Rode Caster pro mixer, and an experienced team of sound engineers committed to providing you the ultimate audio experience 

A premium videography experience supported by 2, 4K HD cameras, embedded adequate lighting, and an experienced team of videographers committed to providing you the ultimate video experience 

Mainly powered through the Adobe Creative cloud the studio will leverage on up-to-date Audio, video, animations, and graphic development software to provide an all-round digital content development experience.

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